Frequently Asked Questions

Is there parking? 

We have one parking spot (reserve in advance and collect pass). Otherwise, there is street parking and an indoor pay-parking lot across the street.

What are your payment terms?

Once you’ve booked your date and confirmed any equipment and staffing needs, we’ll email you an invoice that allows you to pay by credit card or PayPal. All bookings must be paid 2 business days in advance.

Do you do 3-D rendering?

Yes. The cost will depend on much time it will take to create your 3-D environment, character or logo.

What size props can I bring?

Anything that can fit through a 32” door.  Our facility works best for smaller shoots with talking heads, group shots and head-to-toe. Send us an email if you aren’t sure.

Can we do craft services (food) in the studio?

We have a small area where you can set up craft services (you’ll need to prearrange it). We’re also surrounded by restaurants and some of Ottawa’s best takeaway and bakeries. Any alcohol requires a special license and insurance policy.

When can I come in to setup?

You get studio access for an hour before your screen booking and get 30 minutes move-out time after your booking. At times, you may be able to drop off equipment and props the night before. Email us 48 hours in advance to find out if it’s possible.

Will you do green screen tapings (or regular video shooting) in our studio?

Yes. We have a portable green screen. We do this for many corporate and small business clients.

Do you have weekend rentals?


Do you have evening and overnight rentals?

Yes. These must be specially arranged and carry a premium.

Can I use the studio space unsupervised?

No. A non-tech studio host will always be present and is included in your fee.

Do you provide SEO friendly content for video and web / mobile sites?

Yes. We have experienced content creators who have worked with some of Canada’s largest companies. They’ll make sure that your content makes sense to both human beings and search engine algorithms. 

Can I tour the studio?

Absolutely! Contact us by email or at 613-447-1247 to make an appointment. Coffee (and maybe even a croissant) is on us!

What if you don’t have the equipment we need for our shoot?

Local rental companies include Vistek and Henry's

Can you turn my logo into a 3-D rendering?

Yes. For a very reasonable price, we can turn your logo into a 3D piece that will rotate on your website, video, etc.

How do we transfer our footage from your cameras?

We recommend that you have a MAC OS formatted hard drive ready so that we can copy your footage over. If you need one in a hurry, we’re a 7 minute walk from the Rideau Shopping Centre, where you can buy one at the Apple store or the Source electronics store.

How close are you to public transit?

There is a bus stop a block away and we are minutes from the Rideau Centre, one of Ottawa’s main transit stations.

Will you work for an agency?

Absolutely. If you are a marketing agency, or a business with an agency of record, we’re interested in working with you. Contact us directly at 613-447-1247.

I am an independent producer. Can I use your team as contractors for my shoot?

Yes. Fees will depend on the length of shoot, equipment needed and number of personnel required.

Do you have washrooms?

We have two brand new bathrooms on the same level as the studio.

Do you have a makeup area?

Yes. We have a makeup area that seats up to 3. 

How high is your ceiling?

Our ceiling height is 12 feet.

Can I rig my own lights?

Yes. We have 6,000 K front and 4,000 K. Contact us for exact details.

What type of paint is used for your green screen?

Rosco’s Digicomp Chomakey Green (the same paint used in LA and NYC studios)